Keep Security Personnel Accountable

Track security personnel and monitor their location in real-time

Track security personnel and monitor their locations with the Real-Time Guard Tour System. The system uses the guardiX Data Collector and Easy Patrol Software to manage and provide security for your personnel, help you meet legislation for lone workers and know the whereabouts of all patrolling officers.


Automatic Detection:

RFID checkpoints automatically and wirelessly detect personnel within 3-16 feet.

High-tech Polycarbonate:

Robust, tamper-proof, can withstand the elements, stores all data internally until transferred to software.

Automatic Data Transfer:

Control center automatically receives ID and timestamp for all personnel within a checkpoint area.

Real-Time Notifications:

Receive notifications if a guard does not reach a checkpoint on time.

Full-Range Reporting:

Many types of management reports available.

Guard Tour Software:

Configurable to meet site specific requirements.

GuardiX Data Collector

  • Contactless RFID data transfer via Bluetooth ™ to a PC or mobile phone
  • Audible and optical indication of successful reading
  • Extremely robust construction to withstand mobile use and harsh environments
  • Virtually maintenance free