uPunch electronic time clocks are an easy-to-use punch card recorder specially designed for small businesses with 50 or fewer employees.

  • Flexibility of a punch card time clock combined with advantage and time savings of a cloud-based system.
  • Use it as a stand-alone time clock or with FREE uPunch cloud-based software
  • FREE uPunch software is an interactive time and attendance website, which allows you to enter, manipulate, and export timecard data from your time clock.

Features & Benefits

uPunch Electronic Time and Attendance Clock System for Small Businesses - Canadian Time Systems

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Automatically tracks employee hours on paper time cards.


Automatically tracks and calculates* employee hours on paper time cards.

*Calculates hours worked per day and pay period

Features and Benefits

All uPunch Clocks offer the following:

  • 50 FREE time cards
  • Supports all popular pay periods: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly
  • Automatic card feed and alignment
  • Highlights tardy and early/late departures in red
  • FREE 8-hour back-up battery
  • Shifts columns according to user settings
  • Automatic adjustments for short months, leap year, and daylight savings time
  • Alarm-ringing option for signaling breaks
  • Output for external bell for signaling breaks
  • Displays time in military (24-hour) or standard (12-hour) format
  • Long-lasting ink cartridge

  • Large and easy-to-read backlit LCD digital display
  • Easy to program
  • Easy to mount on wall or table
  • FREE lifetime support option** (standard support one year)
  • FREE cloud-based software to manage and store time and attendance data*
  • FREE lifetime warranty and ribbon replacement option** (standard warranty one year)
  • Free standard subscription to uPunch with option to upgrade to a premium account.
  • Requires enrollment in the timecard auto-fulfillment plan.
  • Ribbon replacements are limited to one ribbon every six months.

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