SP250 Time Clock

Product Description:

The SP-250 is a modern electronic time clock and indispensable business tool all in one. Communicate with employees via 13 preprogrammed or infinite custom messages, in six different language options. For time-sensitive materials, the SP-250 stamps date, time and messages on any document form or time card

Complete package includes

  • SP-250 time clock
  • AC power adaptor
  • Wall Mount Hardware
  • One Year Warranty
  • 30-days Phone Support
  • Simple to use and easy to set up!


  • Stamps date, time, and messages
  • Provides 13 pre-programmed comments to be included with date/time stamp
  • Minutes can be set for regular, tenths, thirds, or hundredths of hour printing
  • Alerts employees to Daylight Saving Time change on LCD screen
  • Accommodates choice of automatic or manual print registration
  • Dot-matrix printing for accuracy and long life
  • Wall or desk mountable
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • Easy-to-change ribbon cartridge
  • Internal passive battery backup
  • Offers speaker output and bell relay capabilities
  • Choice of six print languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, or Portuguese)
  • Large and clear, illuminated alignment window for more accurate card alignments and punches


  • Product Height:     7.10"
  • Product Width:      5.00"
  • Product Depth:      6.50"
  • Product Weight:    6.00 lbs.
  • Display Type:        Digital
  • Battery Back Up:   Yes
  • Voltage:                110 volts  60 MHz
  • Dimensions:  6.5” D x 5” W x 7.1” H